LIVE Gamecast
This feature allows any fan to use a smartphone or web browser to review schedule, scores, play-by-play, and player stats for your team.

To set up LIVE Gamecast, edit your Team, assign a Team Gamecast Name, and set the LIVE Gamecast option to 'Public'. Turn it off by setting the option to 'Off'. Give fans, parents, and coaches your Team Gamecast Name and send them to the Star Player Live website at to view your Team Gamecast.

Tip: from the Game list, tap the small question mark (?) next to your Gamecast name to see some sharing options including a feature to have the system directly email a fan with the link to the LIVE Gamecast. Try sending it to yourself!

Alerts via text or email
To set up an Alert, tap the Alert tab. Choose '+ on the top right to add an Alert. Tap Save and then assign a Team to this Alert. You can also assign Players to the alert which will trigger additional messages to be sent for each event tallied for that player.

You can turn off Alerts by setting the Alert switch to Off. This will suppress Alerts for your account.

Assign your UStream channel ( to your Team. This will enable fans to watch the live video from your UStream broadcast from within the LIVE Gamecast by clicking the video tab. Note: currently, the video is only available to view using a desktop computer.