Synchronize between devices or with the Star Player Live Website
If you make changes using the website, you will need to synchronize those changes to your device. Similarly, if you use several devices (iPhone and iPad, for example), when changing between devices, you will need to initiate the Synchronize Data operation.

Synchronize Data
To synchronize the device with the Star Player Live server, tap the small round cog on the upper left of the screen and choose Synchronize Data from the popup list.

Offline (no internet)
The system will allow you to capture plays when there is no internet connection. For example, deep inside a concrete rink in the middle of Kitchener, Ontario. Of course, LIVE Gamecast and Alerts will not post until you step into range of a connection. The caveat to the system working offline is that you must set up your teams, games, players, while within range of a connection.